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Little Colorado Sanitary District was incorporated in 1987 for the purpose of maintaining ground water quality in and around the community of Greer, Arizona. Engineering and construction proceeded over the ensuing two years, and the system went online in 1990. The District employs a small diameter, overland flow design to process wastewater and sewage. Solid wastes are retained on each property to be digested by naturally occurring bacteria in a solids separation tank, while liquid effluent flows out of the tank into the District’s sewer lines and thence to the processing plant north of Greer.

The District serves approximately 525 customers. It is governed by five elected Directors who meet monthly to transact District business. Meetings usually occur on the second Monday of the month and are open to the public. Agendas are posted in the community the week before each meeting.

Public Documents

District Documents

Board Meeting Agenda for 10/14/2019 (10/10/2019)
Contact information (emergency, operator, appointees) (10/2016)
Unique System (1/2014)
LCSD Annual Letter July 2019 (07/30/2019)

Application Packet (08/31/2017)

Rates & Fees

Please see attached rate schedule for changes.
LCSD 2019-20 Rates & Fees Schedule (07/04/2019)
Annual Budget for 2019-20 Budget (07/04/2019)
Sewer Fees (07/30/2019)

Rules & Regulations

Amended Rules & Regulations
Resolution 09-01 – Amending Article V, regarding compliance and payments
Resolution 10-01 – Adopting standard policy for disputed fees and/or penalties
Resolution 11-04 Clean out below grade (08/2013)
Resolution 14-02 – Amendment to Article III, Section 1(B) (10/2014)

Mandatory Solids Separation Tanks Inspections

Resolution 16-01 – Inspection w/ approved test equipment (03/15/2016)
Report of Inspection Form (07/30/2019)
Resolution 10-02 – Inspection & pumping req. for tanks with grease traps
Resolution 10-03 – Inspection & pumping rules for tanks without grease traps
Certified tank inspectors available in Greer area (07/30/2019)
Resolution 13-01 – Responsibility of Maintenance of Sewer Line
Resolution 16-02 –

Operation and Maintainance (07/30/2019)

Application for Sewer (07/30/2019)

Grant of License and Grant of (07/30/2019)

Contact Information

Services, Inspections & Applications:
Milton Nelson Ph 928-551-1332
Billing & Accounting:
Ph 928-537-1065 Ext. 104
Email Address: info@lcsdgreeraz.org
Mailing Address: PO Box 241, Greer AZ 85927-0241

board members:

  • Dr. Robert Shupak
  • Mike Bragiel
  • Joseph McCormick
  • James Emerson
  • Bruce Gabby

Board Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 4:00 P.M., Greer Mountain Resort.